Camp Cadet kids share in the duties of the day but it’s not all work and ceremony. Each day’s schedule includes ample recreation.

There are ball games, swimming, archery, rifle shooting, miniature golf and competitive intramurals. And cadets also learn that recreation carries its own unique responsibilities.

Professional range instructors and police officers instruct cadets in the correct way to safely engage in various sports and recreational activities. Participants also learn that using drugs & alcohol is not recreation, but a danger to be avoided for a lifetime.

Most importantly, cadets learn that through sports, physical activity and recreation, they can build teams, explore strategies and learn how to problem-solve effectively.

*The 2017 Philadelphia Camp Cadet program will be the week of July 30 through August 4, 2017.
This camp is located at Girard College in Philadelphia PA.

**The 2017 Montgomery County Camp Cadet program will be the week of August 20 through August 25, 2017. This camp is located at Camp Kweebec in Montgomery County.

***If you have any question please contact the Camp Director, 610-558-7074 or ra-spTroopKCamp@pa.gov.